BasadiPele Skills Development and Training Centre was established in 2016 with a commitment to provide quality education and to contribute positively towards economic solutions in the country (South Africa) in the field of education.

The centre is operating from Diepkloof Adult Learning Centre. The Centre is accredited with MICT SETA as a Primary SETA (Information Systems, Electronics and Telecommunications Technologies Sector Education Training Authority).
Accreditation Number: ACC/2017/07/0111
The Centre will also be accredited with Services SETA and ETDP SETA as Secondary SETAs through the extension of scope.

We also connect employers looking for entry-level talent to young, high-potential work-seekers who are currently locked out of the formal economy. We recruit candidates where existing corporate recruitment networks do not reach, assess their competencies and match them to jobs where they are most likely to succeed. We then deliver high quality work readiness programmes that directly address the risks identified by employers in taking on first-time workers.

BasadiPele is proud to be a part of the City of Johannesburg Local Municipality which is divided into 7 regions it serves. Therefore, we are granted full permission by the City of Johannesburg Social Development Department to utilize their Skills Centres (more than 7) across the entire City, to market their services as an extension of our Services.