Culture @ Work

My most important priority is your happiness and productivity at BasadiPele Skills Development and Training. If there’s anything I can do to make you happier and more efficient, tell me right away. This is not a Joke. It’s good business, because happy employees are more productive. I will not ruin your shifts with endless rules and regulations. I will always have time for you. My calendar will never be so full that my next free time to talk to you is three shifts from next Friday. You are an adult. I trust you and your Best judgement. Please tell me when I make mistakes so I can apologize and learn from it. You have my full permission to make mistakes, as long as you own up to it, apologize to those affected and learn from it. Please make sure to hunt down people who do great work in the office and praise them for it. I will do this as much as humanly possible, but I can’t do it alone. If I get it right occasionally, I’d love to hear about it from you too. Life is more than work. If you regularly work overtime I am sorry, but you’re just making yourself less happy and more stressed. Don’t join the cult of overwork, it’s bad for you and BasadiPele. I expect you to take responsibility for your well being at work. If you can do something today to make yourself a co-worker or me a little happier at work, do it! However I do want to know more about you as an employee and as a human being. I do care about your private life, your family’s health and well-being. BasadiPele is a tough place, but we can work it out together.

Palesa Kubu

Inspired leader Palesa is the Founder and CEO of BasadiPele Skills Developments and Training. She has infused the business with her own brand of enthusiasm and professionalism. Discovering her calling for training and development early in her career, Palesa has successfully completed her qualifications in Education Training and Development and is constantly looking for new exciting ways to make learning a fantastic and empowering experience.

Churchill Rankoko

Hailing from a Satellite Installation background, where he developed his passion for installation. Churchill brings a wealth of valuable experience to BasadiPele team. His passion and commitment for delivering and imparting knowledge and skills is evident to everyone. He is all for quality control and ensures that all the facilitators are comfortable with the product installation.

Facilitators and Support Team

Our experienced and highly motivated team of facilitators and support team understand the culture of creating a learning experience to all the beneficiaries. It is their responsibility to create an atmosphere that stimulates learning to all beneficiaries. Every member's area of expertise contributes to the success of BasadiPele Skills Development and Training Culture of providing support, opportunity and confidence to discover the power of their potential.